Want to hire commercially savvy graduate talent who can help grow and innovate your business? … You’re in the right place!


Hire commercially savvy graduate talent...
Founded by two successful graduates, Wondergrads is a niche student/graduate career site which specialises in preparing students and graduates for business, through engaging editorial, online corporate training (coming soon) and global skill development opportunities. Soft skills are our ‘thing’ and with an increasing amount of students graduating from university with great degrees but a lack of commercial application and with most employers struggling to find soft skill savvy graduate talent, preparing students for business is Wondergrads sole purpose!

                                                                      …who can help grow and innovate your business!
As the only student/graduate career site which bridges the gap between education and commercial aptitude, Wondergrads collaborates with some of the world’s BEST in-house corporate trainers, forward thinking entrepreneurs and achievement specialists to provide an innovative platform for students worldwide to sharpen up on their:

Financial Intelligence
Sales Techniques
Negotiating Skills 
Leadership Skills
Planning Strategies
Emotional Intelligence
Business Writing Skills

Networking Skills
Marketing Strategies
Personal Branding
Communications Skills
Presentation Skills
Project Management
& Entrepreneurial Talent

via a series of online assessed e-courses, due to be launched this Autumn!

So what are you waiting for? We promise to make attracting top graduate talent as simple and as successful as possible! By collaborating with Wondergrads we'll make sure you don't miss out on access to the most ambitious students and graduates, worldwide, who've worked hard to develop their personal, commercial and entrepreneurial talent, whilst at university! Start the process of attracting Wondergrads today by:

  • Letting Us Know:  what soft skills you would like to see students and graduates develop by taking part in our online survey at www.wondergrads.com/survey . (Why not also take a look at the rest of our website in its BETA stage, whilst you're here, and let us know what you think). 
  • Helping us Design Our Online Courses: We are currently creating a series of online courses in each of the soft skill areas listed above! Why not make suggestions regarding their content and/or put your company specialists and in-house trainers forward to create an online course? Simply register your interest by emailing showsupport@wondergrads.com.
  • Displaying: your company logo on our site for absolutely free! Simply email showsupport@wondergrads.com with a copy of your logo and a short description explaining why you think Wondergrads is a fantastic idea!
  • Letting Your Graduates / Interns / Candidates Know Where to Find us: by sending them an email, posting a link on your intranet and graduate website or by posting a link to Wondergrads on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed! We're big on social media and would love to help promote your involvement by 'tweeting' and 'posting' about your support!
  • Contributing Editorial: relating to careers advice, life as an employee (senior or junior) within your organisation or any of the soft skill areas listed above. A great way to promote your company profile each article will be clearly advertised with your company logo.
  • Registering Your Job Posting Interest: We are currently finalising our job posting service! Why not register your interest when emailing  showsupport@wondergrads.com? If you would like to advertise an internship, event or graduate position in the mean time, let us know and we'll happily post your advertisement on our growing Facebook and Twitter profiles!
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