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UniSport Online: A guide to joining a uni sports team

Joining University for the first time can be a daunting task. You are likely to know very few people and sit rock bottom of the pecking order after being the top dogs at 6th form or college. Many freshers decide to take a back seat during their first year and become more... Read More

Ready to Fly The Nest?
Are you preparing to make your first steps towards the edge of the nest? Do you know that the current cost of a students life in the USA is an average of $13’432.37 US dollars per year? Here in the UK that figure can reach an astounding £12’000 according to UKStudentlife.com! Read More...
Buying an education or buying a brand?
In the USA it is now reported that student debt is approaching a trillion dollars; outpacing credit card debt for the first time last year. With many English universities opting to charge the maximum £9000 in tuition fees, we want your opinion on marketing guru Seth Godin’s blog post, which questions Read More...
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish!
Apple Visionary Steve Jobs on Why Dropping Out of University & Getting Fired From Apple Were The Best Things That Ever Happened To Him! Read More...
LOVE Student Life?
Us too! That’s why we need your help in selecting University Campus of the Year 2011! Read More...

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