Five Interview Tips from MTV’s Ryan Kahn

Today, new grads are facing more obstacles than ever before in finding that first job. Below, Ryan Kahn, a nationally recognized career coach and star of MTV’s hit TV show Hired!, shares his favorite five tips from his book Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad available at

“Never ask about salary until the moment they say you’re hired.  A negotiation tactic I’d recommend is always let them tell you how much the offer is for and avoid giving them your desired salary.  If they ask what range are you looking for, turn it back to them and ask how much someone with your level of experience would make at their company.”

“Most people say show up 10 minutes early to an interview.  I tell my clients to arrive 30 minutes early, park in the parking lot and relax in the car, call a friend or family member, and then walk in the door exactly 10 minutes early calm and collected.  The last thing you want to do is feel rushed getting to the interview. You have enough pressure and stress on the interview day, so give yourself every advantage to make a great initial impression.”

“Research the interviewer’s online presence. It’s best not to broadcast that you were researching them specifically, but to look for common points you can casually bring up during the interview.”

“The interview starts with the receptionist.  The casual conversation you have with the receptionist could help you in the final decision. Often employers will ask his or her opinion and I don’t want you to miss any opportunity to make a great impression. It also helps you look great when you enter the interview with the boss and mention the great conversation you just had. It will show your great people skills.”

“Prior to the interview, have a stamped, addressed blank thank you card ready and with you. This way, right when you walk out of your interview you can write your thank you note while everything is fresh in your mind and drop it right in a mailbox.”

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