Seven Ways to Become Super Productive

Whether you’re starting an internship, a graduate position, revision or entrepreneurial venture here are some top tips to becoming super productive (impressing yourself, employers and fellow colleagues).

1)   Become self-disciplined! Being able to do what you should do when you should do it is one of the key qualities of productive people. Expect that there will be things on your list this summer that you should do but you don’t feel like doing and remember to do them first. By being able to do the things you don’t like quickly, effectively and with a smile will impress those around you and lead to greater productivity and greater success.

2)   Get Clarity: Interns and graduate trainees are often given mini-projects and tasks to complete so that they are able to gain the experience of seeing something through to completion. To complete tasks effectively ask your superiors exactly what it is you need to accomplish and what the exact steps are to accomplishing it. Taking a few moments to plan ahead as opposed to repeatedly asking what you should be doing will be appreciated by those completing their own tasks around you.

3)   Create a To-Do List: According to time management experts working from a list increases productivity by 25%; write down what steps you need to take to complete the task you have been given and commit to doing each one. If there is something on your list you have classified as ‘a might do’ decide to either commit to it as an actionable item or remove it from the list completely. List clutter will only slow you down!

4)   Prioritise! Once you have your list decide which tasks are the most important. A good way to determine the most important tasks is to ask which tasks have the most benefit or consequence if they are done or not done; whilst simultaneously considering the deadlines for each one. By placing the most beneficial or crucial task with the shortest deadline at the top you can begin to formulate a list on the basis of a tasks benefit, effect and urgency.

5)   Create a Daily Plan: Before each day you should create a daily to do list of actionable tasks that you need to complete for that day. Creating a to do list of daily goals will give you an ongoing sense of accomplishment and personal progress once you achieve them. Be realistic, you can always add more to your list and it is likely that you will be given other tasks during the day, which need to be added to your list.

6)   Take Massive Action: Once you have created your first daily list start working on the number one priority on immediately.  Movement creates momentum, the sooner you get going, the sooner get a sense of achievement and the sooner you get a sense of achievement the sooner you accomplish what ever it is you set out to do!

7)   Organise Your Workspace: It is estimated that 30% of valuable, otherwise productive, time is spent searching for misplaced items in the workplace.  Avoid this trap by organising your workspace appropriately, according to the tasks you have to complete that day, making sure you can easily access your to do list and key information and materials you need to complete the task. There is nothing more embarrassing than being asked to find something quickly for a senior colleague and having to root through the piles on your desk to be able to find it.